Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time to Sell

I am hoping that I am not the only one reading this.  If I am not please let me know.  I have decided to keep my Etsy store open a little longer, try out some craft fairs, and a few other things that seem to be giving me problems but I will keep at it until I get it right.  Have made some new things and ALL NECKLACES ARE 25 % OFF for the month of FEB.  So stop over and see what is in my albums on fb to see what I have https://www.facebook.com/UniquelydesignedjewelrybyPamela.  I am really proud of what I have made and would love to put it in the post to you.  Next month there will be another special so you will have to stop over and see what it is and you never know when something new is going to show up.  Happy shopping and have a great week.

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